Oct 10, 2013


Review of For Love or Vengeance by Caridad Pineiro

Book Review for Love or Vengeance by Caridad Pineiro


FBI Special Agent Helene Alexander is a goddess.  An actual frickin’ goddess. And her mission is clear, see that justice is served at all times or her days as a goddess are numbered.
Helene’s new FBI partner defines good-looking, but Miguel Sanchez, wants nothing to do with her ends-justify-the-means attitude. He knows through experience the type of guilt her actions can bring and Miguel wants nothing to do with Helene’s careless ways. Even if she’s so damned hot she makes him burn with the need.
When the serial killer they’re tracking strikes again, Helene and Miguel are drawn into a case that will challenge their most fundamental beliefs about justice and vengeance. But it’s the passion between them that forces a goddess to choose: eternal life with all her powers...or death—to save the man she loves.

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My Review

Nemesis is a goddess who has been sent away from her home on Olympus, to fulfill a mission. She now lives on earth as a human named Helene Alexander who just happens to be a private detective. She has sworn off love as she fights to restore justice back to the human world. And she's doing a darn good job at that too... that is, up until tall, dark-haired and green-eyed Miguel Sanchez walked into her life. Assigned to investigate a case where a serial killer seems to be targeting up and coming celebrities, Miguel and Helene try their hardest to remain professional while dealing with their growing feelings for each other. 

The interesting thing about Helene was that even though she had the mortal needs of a woman, she was still able to see the aura of those around her, specifically Miguel, which in turn, made for a very unique interaction between a couple that held my attention from page one. As Helene and Miguel grew closer during their investigation into a string of grisly murders, I felt the relationship grew at a natural rate. You'll also get to meet a host of other supernatural creatures: vampires, gods, goddesses. I thought the mixture of supernatural and mystery worked well within this story. 

The only thing I would like to have seen was a little more tension between our two main characters and a little more suspense in the overall storyline. With that being said, I do understand that this book is a spinoff of another series, and while I didn't feel confused at all, I felt like I might have missed out on an aspect of the story that would've clarified the events leading up to Helene's departure to earth. The ending wrapped up with equal amounts of mystery, tension and fear for our characters' lives. I found myself cheering Helene and Miguel on against a villain that I just knew was going to cause our lovers big trouble at some point.

Overall, For Love or Vengeance was a good solid read. I would recommend this story to those who enjoy light paranormal romances with dashes of mystery thrown into the mix. Plus we have Zeus being... well the nasty, vindictive god we all know him to be. What more could you ask for? 

4 Fun-Filled Kisses

Read An Excerpt From this Fun Novel

It was crazy. Certifiably so.



Helene and Miguel had made it to her Chelsea apartment in record time and now they stood in her living room, barely a hand’s breadth apart. Anticipation charged the air around them. She couldn’t remember ever wanting a man quite this much. The evening had been romantic, he was gorgeous, and her body was pulsing with need. She felt warm despite the slight chill of the air.

Miguel gently stroked his fingers over her hair and she almost felt the blast of heat from the contact. He smoothed the curls and laid his hand at the crook of her neck.

“So soft,” he murmured, brushing his fingertips over her skin.

She worried her lower lip, even as she savored his touch.

This was a dangerous step they were taking.

Dangerous both emotionally and physically.

“Are you sure?” he asked. He reached up with his thumb, soothed the spot on her lip that she had been biting.

She didn’t delude himself that the night would lead to anything more permanent. She almost wondered what had possessed her to make the invitation in the first place. No good could come of a relationship with her partner.

Then again, they weren’t talking about a relationship. They were two consenting adults doing what consenting adults did. She smiled. “I’m sure we’ll enjoy this. And no, I won’t regret it.”

Relief washed over his features, but it was tinged with apology, and she understood. He was a man for whom sleeping together was a prelude to something deeper. Something more profound. But for her, sex was just sex.

So she took the next logical step. Literally.

She closed the distance between them until her body was pressed to his and then combed through the strands of his hair. Dipped her hand down to cradle the back of his head and urge him forward, her gaze locked with his until that moment when their lips finally touched and desire dragged their eyes shut.

She was no stranger to his kiss, having experienced it the other day, but that didn’t make it any less

He was an amazing kisser. He moved his lips against hers, urged her to open her mouth with a slight tug of her lower lip with his teeth. That gentle nip pulled a shudder from her. And a stab of desire to feel his mouth elsewhere on her body.

Without breaking away from his kiss, she eased her hands beneath his suit jacket and slipped it off his shoulders. Did the same with his holster, which thudded against the wood floor. She undid the buttons on his shirt, parted it, and covered his chest with her hands.

“Princess, are you in a rush? Because I’m not,” he said against her lips, breaking away from the kiss.

“You’re not?” she asked, puzzled by his restraint.

He skimmed his large hands across her shoulders, down her arms and to her hands. Twining his fingers with hers, he said, “All good things take time.”

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to review the book and your comments. This book was a real departure from the world of THE CALLING/REBORN novels for many reasons. I loved doing something different, but I think readers will also like seeing familiar characters and the sexy underworld of NY in the future books in Oct, Nov and Dec.