Dec 30, 2015


~Book Blitz~ Pill Hill by Bryan W. Dull

Title: Pill Hill
Author: Bryan W. Dull
Genre: Drama, Psychological
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Blurb: A Chemically Imbalanced Romance:
Confined to the third floor of an old psychiatric ward located in a hospital on the verge of shutting down, Mason Phillips walks the same hall alongside others that have afflictions that range from obsessive compulsive disorder to schizophrenia. Based on the belief that he does not need help for what ails him mentally, he finds solace in a young woman that sleeps in the room across the hall.
Enamored with a woman that he knows nothing about, Mason is faced to converse with other patients about their addictions and phobias as he tries to come to terms with his past and understand others.
Sometimes the people that seem different can be the ones that understand the most. 

Currently living in Fort Wayne, IN with his wife (and fellow author Brandy Michelle) and their daughter. Bryan W. Dull goes leaps and bounds to get away from the norm and be his own person; with himself and his writing. Since middle school he has always known what he was good at: entertaining and telling stories. He has been consistently writing and coming up with plots for the last twenty years, but just recently decided to share one with the world. His first novel, "Solstice" is a vampire book inspired by his daughter and noir literature. Born in Anderson, IN, Bryan has also lived in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina (where "Solstice" is based).
Being a lover of all things art and pop culture "nerdism"; his interests lie in film, television, comics, games, anime, and books. For a short while, Bryan dabbled in voice acting work only to shift his focus to his family and writing. His favorite authors include; Chuck Palahniuk, Robert Kirkman, Clive Barker, Ernest Cline, and Neil Gaiman.

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Dec 14, 2015


~Book Blitz & Giveaway~ Ground Rules by Renee Swann

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Title:  Ground
Series:  The Lovers
Trilogy, Book 1
Author:  Renée Swann
Published:   December
15th, 2015
Genre:  Erotic
Romantic Suspense
Content Warning:  Light
Recommended Age:  18+

As best friends, Bec and Rob support each other through
choppy times; are each other’s confidants and allies. As lovers, they have
maintained a steady friends-with-benefits relationship for eleven months,
without a hitch. But then Bec’s psycho BDSM-wannabe ex returns, and he will
stop at nothing to destroy her perfect little world.
After several failed attempts of trying to win back her
heart, Martin’s true colors bleed through. But who is he really after?

Bec and Rob’s friendship is changing—can they keep their
benefited friendship from morphing into something else, something they both

Life is never easy for Bec, but it’s about to become
considerably worse. And only one person can stop it all. Read on to find out

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"You're late," is the first thing
my sister says to me when she opens the door. Not “hello” or “I was worried,”
but always cutting to the chase.
“Yeah, I, um, forgot the cupcakes.” Or
rather, I ate the cupcakes and had to stop by the bakery for more. I should’ve
learned that lesson by now—always buy double—but I haven’t and most likely
never will.
“Well, come in. Rob’s already here.”
She seizes the cupcake box and leads me up
the hallway. “Jack’s friend. Hope you don’t mind; we invited him too.”
“Oh, okay.” I backtrack, tugging the bakery
box from her grasp. “This’s a setup, isn’t it?” To Cordelia, the fact I’m
twenty-five and unmarried equals her trying to find me a nice man to be with.
She never liked Martin, and it’s been exactly seven days since I dropkicked him
out of my life.
“Don’t be ridiculous. He’s married. And a
Christian.” Slinging an arm over my shoulders as she tows me through the house,
she adds, “He is handsome though. Don’t tell Jack I said that.” And as we step
out onto the rear veranda, she says, “Look who’s here!”
Jack’s lips quirk into a grin; arms coil
around my shoulders. “You ate the cupcakes again, didn’t you?” he whispers in
my ear.
My brother-in-law knows me too well.
The honey-eyed man at the end of the table is
staring at me. Do I have frosting on my face? After a moment, Jack leads me
over to him.
“This is the famous Becky,” he says.
“I’m famous?”
Rob smiles and offers me his hand. “Pleasure
to meet you.”
His voice sends tingles to my lady bits. I
want to lick that smile and kiss those lips.
He’s married. Hmph. My freaking luck.
“Lovely to meet you, too. I’ve heard nothing
about you.” I slide my fingers across his palm and he gives them a quick
“He’s a lawyer,” Cordy says, as if that
explains it all. “Wine?”
“Sure.” I take the seat adjacent to Rob as
she trots into the kitchen. “Lawyer, huh?” My eyes skirt all six-foot one-inch
of him, over the crisp white button-down shirt and gray trousers. I’d love to
take a peek under the suit.
“Yeah. My brothers and I own Gibbs Legal and
Financial Group.”
“Ooh, I bet you’re loaded.”
A snicker. “I guess I am.” He flashes me a
boyish smile. “So, since we’re talking paychecks…”
I sigh. “Why would I want money when I can have
He regards me curiously.
“I find you fascinating.”


 photo CJ-Hart.jpg
is a full-time writer who lives in Sydney, Australia, with a crazy pooch named
Abbey and a boisterous, somersaulting rescue budgie named Kaleb. Her days are
spent living in her fictional worlds and consuming way too much caffeine. She
has an (unhealthy?) obsession with all things cupcake- and coffee-related plus
Kerouac and YA dystopia/fantasy books. Renée can often be found surrounded by
books, marathoning crime shows and munching on vegan goodies, on Twitter,
Pinterest, or dancing in a rainstorm.

hopes to one day visit Rio and is currently learning Brazilian Portuguese.

Swann is a pen name for Renée Shearer, who also writes young adult fiction as
C.J. Hart.

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There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • 4 ebook copies of Ground Rules
  •  1 Ground
     ebook + swag pack
Giveaway is International.

Giveaway ends December 21st at midnight (ET)

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Dec 8, 2015


~Cover Reveal~ Digital Horizon by Sherry D. Ficklin

Title: Digital Horizon
Author: Sherry D. Ficklin   
Genre: Love & Romance, Mysteries & Detective Stories
Release Date: Feb. 8th, 2016
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

One wants justice.
One wants redemption.
One just wants revenge.

Still reeling from her devastating loss, Farris is barely holding it together when she’s approached by a covert government agency. The IDC is recruiting the best hackers in the country to form a team capable of tracking down and thwarting cyber terrorists. When they make her an offer she can’t refuse—a shot at catching the people responsible for the death of her father—she’s all in. But success will mean forging new alliances, betraying the people she loves, and trusting an old enemy. If she succeeds, she might finally get the closure she needs. If she fails, the digital world will crumble at her feet, putting thousands of lives at risk and exposing the world’s most dangerous secrets.
In the dark web, where anything can be bought and sold, this talented young hacker just might have to sell her soul to get what she’s after.
The question is, who’s buying?

Sherry is a full time writer from Colorado and the author of over a dozen novels for teens and young adults including the best selling Stolen Empire series. She can often be found browsing her local bookstore with a large white hot chocolate in one hand and a towering stack of books in the other. That is, unless she’s on deadline at which time she, like the Loch Ness monster, is only seen in blurry photographs.
Sherry also writes New Adult fiction under the pen name Ranae Glass and is a contributing writer for You can find her at her official website,, or stalk her on her Facebook page

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